The root of our history…is the tree! The one that was chopped to build. To support life, to shelter us from bad weather. Time has reshaped a new texture for those centennial barns, proving us that Nature is the greatest artist…

In a world defined by contemporary ideas, Grange Design wishes to encourage the new expression of a reusable raw material. Our passion runs through the veins of a wood that will tell you a new story… A renewed charm and authenticity in your interior or exterior decoration that will add personality to your project while being ecological.

We distribute our products in Canada, in the United States and in Europe.

Grange Design ensures to offer the best quality product. Our cladding and other products are boxed after a plank-by-plank preparation and selection, unedged and calibrated in order to facilitate our clients’ projects.

That’s what makes Grange Design the old-growth wood leader in Quebec!